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About Us


Plumbing is a passion for me. From the time when I was a young boy working with my father on plumbing or even some of the great master plumbers I have had the pleasure of working with or helping or just listening to their stories fascinated me. It is and always will be a never ending learning experience, the same as when I taught plumbing classes. You seem to learn something about people or business in all walks of life every day. It is a motivator and makes me want to help our clients repair their plumbing problems the best way possible. Not just a quick answer like can you tell me "How much over the phone price!" We are not a franchise. We are locally owned and operated.

We go to church, school, and shop locally. AAA 'A Good Plumber' LLC is a full service honest plumbing contractor with the knowledge to service and repair any plumbing system. With a guarantee that is setting the standard in the Ohio Valley.

Let us be your plumber of choice and see why I'm so passionate about this business. Take pride as our team does in knowing you have called a professional. We will take over your plumbing worries so you won't have to worry. Just relax and let AAA 'A Good Plumber' LLC handle your problem.

I've found that the good plumbers distinguish themselves from the poor ones in eight inter-related areas:

1. They do not shoot from the hip.
2. They are humble.
3. They are not afraid to admit it, when they don't know.
4. They treat each individual as an individual.
5. They listen, actively.
6. They involve the client in the diagnosis.
7. They respect the client's knowledge.
8. They will take the extra step.

1. They do not shoot from the hip. Good plumbers wait before forming an opinion. A good plumber completes his examination before drawing a conclusion. good plumbers do not make shallow diagnoses. One of the worst mistakes a plumber can make is a snap judgment, this is difficult to avoid. After all they have seen it all before. Poor plumbers immediately make conclusions based on partial information or fictitious half truths information. Most of the time, they're right? Some of the time, they are not? As a client, you could care less if a plumber is right "most' of the time when they are wrong in your case. Once the poor plumber makes a conclusion, they tend to dismiss any data that inconveniently refutes their prognosis. Their self imposed blinders cause them to overlook critical contradictory information while seizing upon the data that neatly reinforces their conclusions.

2. They are humble. Plumbers are quick thinkers and mechanical. A must is a high school diploma and four years of trade school. Some like me go on to college and we all have training courses or refreshers. And like any trade, things change so we must go to school to stay up on the latest. A true licensed plumber has as much schooling as many professionals. Not everyone wants to crawl in water, cold water, dig, be out in all different weather you get the picture. They want to go to law school (boy do I have some good lawyer jokes) not all plumbers are humble all the time.

3. They are not afraid to admit it, when they don't know. From time to time, even the best plumbers are stumped. Because good plumbers know they are not perfect and retain a sense of humility, they are afraid of admitting they simply don't know. It doesn't mean they give up, only that they do not have the answer....yet. Poor plumbers, seem to have all of the answers, all of the time. Sometimes, despite a careful examination and good diagnostic procedures, a plumber does not have an immediate answer. The poor plumber cannot admit. They cannot admit not knowing. They feel like they must offer an answer, and do. Thus, they stray into the land of premature prognoses.

4. They treat each individual as an individual. Good plumbers treat every individual uniquely. They treat them as people, not numbers. They show respect and understanding. They give personal care and attention. Though the plumber may work with thousands of clients, when with a client, the plumber acts as though the client is the plumber's only client. Conversely, poor plumbers process clients. They over schedule, leaving clients not knowing when you are going to arrive at their home? The client becomes agitated and rightfully so.

5. They listen, actively. Good plumbers listen actively, with intensity, and with patience. They lock onto the client and pay attention. Because the client does not always know the best way to describe problems or parts. Good plumbers are alert for clues that can help them collect the information needed for their diagnosis. They probe and ask for clarification to confirm their understanding. Poor plumbers seem to operate in their own world. They think their own thoughts, putting their Bubba minds to work. Don't interrupt them with your trivial and irrelevant observations. When they want information, they will ask for it.

6. They involve the client in the diagnosis. The best plumber asks what a client thinks. The plumber gives the client choices, makes some recommendations, and defers to the client's preferences. After all it's their budget, their castle, it's the client who has to live with the decision. Poor plumbers don't involve their clients. They dictate. If the client is hesitant or reluctant, they become exasperated. The poor plumber believes he knows what's best. Always. It's the Bubba factor coming into play.

7. They respect the client's knowledge. with a world of information available to anyone with an Internet connection and diligence, it's entirely possible that a client, intensely interested in their own project may find useful information the plumber hasn't considered. Good plumbers do not dismiss this out of hand, but welcome it. They know that as knowledgeable as they might be, they cannot keep up with everything. While the client might not have the plumber's background to evaluate and interpret the information, this does not mean the client will not discover something useful. Moreover, good plumbers facilitate the client's quest for knowledge. The plumber recommends websites and even gives clients copies of article from plumbing publications. They prefer well informed client's who can perceive value. On the other hand, poor plumbers tend to dismiss client knowledge. They seem to hate the fact clients research and communicate with one another on computer bulletin boards and discussion lists. How dare they! They're laymen, not highly trained professionals. Poor plumbers condescend.

8. They will take the extra step. Good plumbers go to bat for their clients. They consult with colleagues, in-house, locally and around the country. If a problem needs solving we'll stay on it until it is solved. A lot of time in house preparation is needed in running a proper service business. Time the client never sees spent, but notices. Poor plumbers see their responsibility as ending with the service call. They can't or won't make time for more. They're sorry about it, but that's the way it is.

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